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The Method

What is Schroth?

Schroth™ Method is a Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercise approach that simultaneously addresses all three planes of motion, therefore, addressing the deformity with a three-dimensional approach versus general exercises that are only two-dimensional. This method utilizes the muscles of the entire trunk including the intercostals of the rib cage, the diaphragm, and the intrinsic spinal stabilizers that aid in elongation and core stabilization. By using internally driven active movements (not passive movements) of the trunk including what is called rotational angular breathing, the shape of the trunk is changed into a more aligned posture. By performing these exercises one can stabilize the spine and arrest the progression of the curve, improve respiration, function, and self-image, and/or reduce pain if present. Throughout this process, the greatest influence is a significant improvement of patient and family education of scoliosis.

What to Expect

Your initial session will entail a clinical examination of your curve and trunk mobility. A detailed reading of your full spinal x-rays which you will need to bring in for the first session will then determine the “classification” of your curve which is the basis for providing the appropriate scoliosis-specific exercises. Each session following will progressively focus on improving your ability to maintain postural corrections with good stability. It is important to understand that curve correction will primarily occur with full compliance of Schroth, bracing, or both.