How our program works:

Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth Private Sessions:

Private Sessions:

1-hour primarily for comprehensive evaluations, curve classification, and development of curve specific exercises. By appointment only. These sessions are also for manual therapy to help restore mobility and reduce pain, online or in person.

Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth In person group classes:

In person group classes:

1-hour, primarily for people who have already been evaluated in a private session. Great for those who are able to come in on a weekly basis. These classes are located in Riverside.

In person small group intensives:

2-hours primarily for those who have already learned their scoliosis specific exercises in the past and want to come in for a refresher in Riverside.



Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth Online group classes:

Online group classes:

30-minute primarily for those who need continued guidance and professional support from the comfort of their home.  These are offered 7 days a week.

Please contact Cindy at (714) 907-5223 for the current group schedule and for more information including pricing.

Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth

Cynthia B. Almonte~

After 20 years of practicing general orthopedic physical therapy, I became a Schroth therapist to specifically work with the scoliosis population because of its complexity and challenges. It brings me so much joy to see life-changing results in my patients’ quality of life as they improve their spinal alignment and overall well-being.

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Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth

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Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth has everything…except you! We specialize in non-surgical treatments of scoliosis using the Schroth Method, manual therapy techniques, and Schroth based strengthening exercises.