Almonte Physical Therapy & Schroth


Please contact the office at (714) 907-5223 for the current schedule.

My treatment sessions consist of teaching two scoliosis specific exercise Methods, namely the Schroth Method and the Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis Method. I will often combine these exercises with manual therapy and nerve gliding to restore mobility where necessary for efficient execution of the exercises. Most people report a significant decrease of pain, improved postural alignment, improved lung function, and improved overall wellbeing in that they feel like they can help their scoliosis.

You will need to learn approximately 7-10 exercises that have to be done with exact precision. In order to learn all of your necessary exercises you will only need an initial 2 hour session to learn the Schroth Method itself due to its complexity and you will need a second 2-hour session to learn the remaining exercises.

After your initial session in-person, you can join my online or in person group classes for proper guidance and support while doing the exercises.

In-Person group classes are at 4181 Flat Rock Rd, Suite 200 Riverside, CA 92505

If you attend multiple classes per month on a regular weekly basis you must be on autopay. You are able to cancel anytime, but the cancellation will take effect at the beginning of the next cycle, no prorated classes. If you only want to take 1 or 2 classes to see if you like it then you can pay per class. 

Please know that all sessions allotted for the month must be used within that month. No sessions will carry over to the following month. However, missed classes may be made up anytime within the same month.